10 Great Websites For Creating Graphs and Charts

Graphing is an important skill for children to learn.  They must be taught how to construct charts manually, however, when this is not the main focus of a lesson, a tech tool is very useful.  They certainly make more time for focus on the analysis and discussion of data.

Here are 10 excellent websites/apps that make graphing in the classroom easy:

1) Plotvar.

A simple but effective website to create a range of different graphs.

2) Infogram

I particularly liked this website.  It helps you construct amazing, interactive charts and graphs.

3) Online Chart Tool

A basic but free graph maker.  It is easy-to-use and gets the job done.

Online chart tech tools


A really good graphing site made specifically for ‘kids’.

Graphing websites for the classroom

5) Chart Go

A website dedicated to creating an array of charts for any purpose.

6) Rapid Tables

This website has many online tools including a bar chart, line graph and pie chart generator.

Online chart generator

7) Plotly

A fantastic website which helps you create a range of more complex charts.

8) Img Flip

A very basic, informal pie-chart maker.

Pie chart maker

9) Meta Chart

I really liked using Meta Chart.  It has just the right amount of detail needed for making graphs with my students.

Online graph maker

10) Grapher

This is a very simple bar chart creator – perfect for younger learners.

Online graph creator

*Update – Canva have recently brought out a superb tool 🙂


Which one is your favourite?  Let me know by commenting below.



      1. Re: excel LOBF I would love some more detials and perhaps some basic instructions. I have used excel in the past but am not an expert so some basic ‘how to get started with graphing’ in excel would be great – thanks

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  1. I’m teacher in local area I would like to expose myself and my learners to the use of technology one day in class.


  2. I want to create a survey/questionnaire with a single question and 6 options. I also need to create a table but for both I don’t want to use Microsoft Word or Excel because I don’t want the word count to appear in my essay. Anyone know any websites that can do this as I can only find graph making sites. The essay is for teaching year 6 students about statistics so the site has to be kid friendly.


  3. Try also LiveGap ( https://livegap.com/charts ) , it is a free charting tool for making line, bar, area, pie, polar area, doughnut, radar. While making charts and graphs using this online charting tool you can preview the chart or graphs with the customization options


  4. Vizzlo is another tool – https://vizzlo.com. They offer a broad range of different visualizations (bar, line, bubble, radar, marimekko but also gantt charts or timelines). They offer a free plan and many of our students use it for their projects.


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