10 Excellent Educational Hashtags To Find Teaching Ideas, Excellent Educators and More

Are you looking for great educational content online?  Do you want to easily search for teachers and educators on social media?  Stop Googling and get using the ‘#’ on Blogs, Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest , Instagram , Tumblr and YouTube .


Below, I have listed 10 excellent educational hashtags which will get you started in your social media search. Simply type the hashtag into the search and then find interesting articles or people.  Follow people you like or save the posts that stand out to you.

I have never learnt so much from using the hashtag symbol.  Free CPD at your fingertips.

  1. #education
  2. #teaching
  3. #teachers
  4. #edchat
  5. #edtech
  6. #edtechchat
  7. #slt
  8. #STEM
  9. #blendedlearning
  10. #curriculum

N.B. If you want subject specific information use:
#(subject)  e.g. #science #history #biology
OR  #(subject)chat  e.g. #mathchat #sciencechat

N.N.B. If you are looking for more specific areas in education, the best way to find the information is to search and find the hashtags that are best for you. i.e. if you want to learn about special education, try #SEN #dyslexia #ASD  etc.



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