7 Must-Have Features for Online Learning Platforms

7 Must-Have Features for Online Learning Platforms 1

You can find a wide variety of learning platforms on the internet. Online learning complements and sometimes even replaces traditional classrooms. It serves multiple needs of teachers and learners due to its flexibility. Yet, to make the most of online learning, you need to check the features that a platform has to offer and decide whether it provides a supportive environment for your studies. Here are 7 amazing features that any educational platform must have.

1.   User-Friendly Interface

A clear, intuitive interface makes one’s experience with online platforms easy and convenient. It helps to navigate through the platform and access the necessary materials. Every step should be quick and smooth. It includes the sign-up procedure, payment, enrollment, and learning process. Besides, the platform should be comfortable for content creators as it determines the organization and quality of educational materials.

2.   Interaction with Content

A platform should include interactive elements. It enhances knowledge retention and improves the learning experience for students. Quizzes, simulations, gaming elements, audio and video materials allow users to interact with content and build skills. Students need to be able to reflect upon the things they learn. Therefore, the design of courses should encourage them to take notes and discuss new concepts with peers.

3.   Learning Analytics

Learning analytics is a powerful tool that provides detailed information about one’s learning style. It collects data on the time students spent on the platform, user satisfaction as well as progress and preferences. It helps to assess the effectiveness of course materials and teaching methods. Besides, learning analytics determines problem areas and sends learners automatic feedback if they underperform. It allows improving one’s results in a timely manner. To solve issues, students may ask someone to “write my paper” and spend more time eliminating their knowledge gaps in core subjects. Delegating less important tasks to professional writers, learners make time for their priorities.

4.   Availability on Different Systems

Users need to have access to learning resources anytime and anywhere. Students attend their online courses from different devices and operating systems. They also prefer mobile-friendly educational platforms as they allow studying during short breaks between one’s daily tasks. Platforms that are compatible with different devices make learning more consistent and help to maintain daily learning habits. As we all know, there is nothing better for learning progress than frequent study sessions. So, online learning platforms should support device-agnostic design.

5.   Online Community

Learning becomes more enjoyable if you are surrounded by a group of like-minded people. Good online learning platforms support collaboration and social engagement. They include a shared learning environment, forums, blogs, and group discussions. Communication with peers supports learners and prevents them from feeling isolated.

6.   Motivational Elements

One can never overestimate the importance of motivation in the learning process. In the context where people learn without in-person support from the instructor, they require it even more. Online learning platforms should incorporate the system of badges and rewards as well as provide visualization of students’ progress and achievements. Seeing their results on dashboards and progress bars, students get a sense of accomplishment. It motivates them to learn more to achieve their goals.

7.   Effective Assessment

Monitoring and assessment are important elements of the learning process. Quizzes at the end of each chapter allow students to recall what they have just learned. Some platforms even offer live, personalized feedback from instructors. It helps students to fix mistakes and enhance their learning strategies. If users receive successful assessment results, they become more confident in their knowledge and are able to move on to new material.

These are the main features that you should look for in an online learning platform. They will create a comfortable environment and enhance your learning experience.



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