Guest post: Top Reasons to Pursue a Chemical Engineering Degree

Knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life can be challenging. Some career paths have limited opportunities, while others aren’t fulfilling. While you likely have plenty of time to discover your passions, there can be value in considering chemical engineering when you start thinking about tertiary education.

Chemical engineering offers endless opportunities in industries like mining, energy, production, and pharmaceuticals, especially if you have skills like critical thinking and mathematical and scientific reasoning. If you’re unsure whether pursuing a chemical engineering degree is right for you, consider the following benefits:

Travel Opportunities

When you enroll in the best chemical engineering courses in Kuwait at the American International College, a number of exciting job opportunities might come your way. Once you’re a qualified chemical engineer, you might be required to travel and work in different countries, helping many multinational companies.

If you’ve always loved the thought of traveling, but the costs associated with frequent adventures have put you off, chemical engineering might be for you. Companies might hire you to travel to new and exciting places to perform chemical engineering tasks, which might not be possible in many other industries.

Excellent Pay Potential

Chemical engineers get to travel and work on exciting projects, which can be payment enough for many people. However, you can also get paid a generous wage for the pleasure. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2021 median pay for a chemical engineer was $105,550 per year or $50.75 per hour. There is also a growing demand for chemical engineers, so the average qualified individual might be able to negotiate better pay and perks as they gain experience.

Job Variety

When you obtain your chemical engineering degree, countless career opportunities can present themselves. Your primary skills as a chemical engineer relate to using chemistry, physics, math, and biology to solve problems, so you can prove valuable in many industries. You can essentially become any type of engineer you want to be, such as materials, mining, energy, chemical, analytical, and health and safety.  

Excellent Future Prospects

Many jobs and careers are at risk of being redundant in the future, such as those that automation might replace. Chemical engineers are most likely going to be safe. Their jobs revolve around developing sustainable food, energy, water, and pharmaceutical solutions. As long as we keep vowing to improve as a society, chemical engineers will likely stay in work.

Global Versatility

The skills and qualifications required for some jobs aren’t internationally recognized. If you want to work elsewhere in the world, you often have to repeat some of your learning to gain the necessary qualifications, even if you’re already highly qualified for the job.

That’s not typically the case with chemical engineering. The skills and qualifications you gain in one country are mainly relevant to others. As a result, large corporations are more than happy to hire people from all around the world to perform important chemical engineering jobs.

Pursuing a chemical engineering degree is a significant decision, and you might not be sure if it’s the right move to make. However, after reviewing these benefits above, you might start exploring your study options sooner rather than later. 



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