10 Music Albums For The Classroom.

I’m always looking for new music to play while my students are independently working. I find that if  music is quietly played in the background, it creates a calm and ambient ‘working’ atmosphere.

Below are 10 albums that I think are great:

1) Keith Kenniff – Branches

2) Zero 7 – Simple Things

3) Air – Moon Safari (Remove ‘Sexy Boy’)

4) Agnes Obel – Philharmonics

5) The Theory of Everything Soundtrack – Johann Johannsson

6) Eluvium – Copia

7) Kaki King – Glow

8) Federico Albanese – The Houseboat And The Moon

9) Einaudi  Ludovico – Divenire

10)Alberto Giurioli- Ali


If you have Spotify, here is a link to my classroom music playlist which you can follow:

Do you think music boosts learning?  Concentration? What albums do you listen to in class?  Let me know by commenting below.




  1. I generally use Fleet Foxes, Fionn Regan and Josh Rouse. I’ve used quite a few of these before and love Agnes Obel and Zero 7. Will definitely check out the others, brilliant post. Thanks for the tips!

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