Easily Make Graphs For Free With The App ‘MyGraph’

I recently did a Science lesson for our topic ‘healthy bodies’ in which my class measured their heart rates before and after different exercises.  Click here to find out about it.  After, the students used the App ‘MyGraph’ to create charts of their results (find it for free on the App Store).

App to make a chart

How do I use the App?

It’s very straightforward to create graphs.

1) Open the App and tap the + in the top right corner.

App to make a chart

2) Next, choose the graph type, add a title and then label the X and Y axis. You can also add units if you wish and change the colours.

App to make a chart

3) Click on your chart title and then again click the plus symbol.

App to make a chart

4) This time, you can add your data.  Press the grey plus button and add your X and Y values.  Here you can change the colour of each bar too.

App to make a chart

5) Finally, when you have saved, the chart will be instantly created!

Technology in a science lesson


For more information, have a look at my video tutorial:


Have a go at using the App – let me know how you get on by commenting below.


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