Top 10 Benefits of Using YouTube in the Classroom

Top 10 Benefits of Using YouTube in the Classroom

The accessibility of free, high-quality, and instructional internet films, available on websites such as YouTube, is a natural complement to contemporary educational settings. Everyone—teachers, students, and parents—agrees that watching videos on the internet may be a practical learning and teaching tool. YouTube’s most prominent feature is that its videos may be helpful in many other kinds of educational systems, particularly online education. 

As a relatively recent development in education, video-assisted learning has quickly gained popularity by providing students with an engaging means of gaining insight into and understanding previously inaccessible or difficult ideas and topics. As a result of the recent worldwide lockdown caused by the coronavirus epidemic, educational and eLearning-related YouTube channels have acquired a significant number of followers. It is because students worldwide attend lessons from home.

YouTube is only one of many online learning resources to make getting a college degree more straightforward and accessible. YouTube is the world’s biggest video-sharing website and has 2 billion active users. Every minute, 500 hours worth of video material is posted to YouTube. It demonstrates that video material is viral and draws in more people than any other content.

Because of this, you might profit much from using YouTube as a terrific tool in your online study. It has the potential to play a big part in enhancing the efficacy and depth of the learning process. When students have a positive and memorable time studying online, their retention and participation rates rise, leading to a more successful course overall.

The utilization of YouTube videos in the classroom may be beneficial for instructors and entertaining for students. Students are more interested in exciting activities, and they’re more likely to pay attention when they watch videos instead of having read walls of text in books and notes. We have outlined several advantages of utilizing YouTube as a resource for learning materials in your online education, and we want you to be aware of these advantages.

  1. Reduces the Expenses of Online Education

The production cost of an instructional film is often far lower than that of a Hollywood-worthy video. If you are a student or an instructor looking to reduce the cost of online education, YouTube may be a beneficial resource. Even the camera on your smartphone may help generate instructional movies, allowing you to avoid a significant amount of money while fulfilling your role as an instructor. 

Once they are finished, you can post them on your YouTube channel at no additional cost. On the other hand, you may give your instructional track an immediate boost by purchasing subscribers on YouTube. Your channel’s videos may be effortlessly included in any online education platform, assisting students in gaining knowledge efficiently and costlessly. 

On the other side, students have unrestricted access to all YouTube videos at any time and from any location. As a consequence of this, YouTube videos have the potential to play an essential part in lowering the total expenses of online education and in assisting students in learning even if they do not have sufficient funds.


  1. YouTube Is a Wealth of Educational Resources Available to Users

Suppose a video from YouTube cannot be included in a learning management system (LMS) or an online class. In that case, instructors may connect students to other visual learning resources. Asking your students to search YouTube to uncover instructional films pertinent to their needs is another way to encourage students to engage in self-directed learning. 

Students like watching videos on YouTube, which not only assists them in understanding challenging ideas but also improves their listening and punctuation abilities. On the other hand, instructors may devote more of their attention to the student’s capacity for learning rather than spending additional time explaining complicated ideas and subjects.

  1. Microlearning and mobile technology

Using YouTube as part of your online education may also provide you with several advantages in the areas of mobile and microlearning. Because YouTube allows users to publish movies of any length, the best way to ensure that students get the assistance they need to have an easier time studying is to upload instructional films that are no more than ten minutes long. 

Students who have trouble focusing on one thing for an extended period might also benefit from this online education. In addition, videos uploaded to YouTube may be viewable on various mobile devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. YouTube videos may be seen flawlessly on screens of any size, which does not negatively impact the video’s quality or cause the content to be misrepresented.

  1. Providing Assistance with the Admissions Process as well as Other Procedures

YouTube, one of the most popular search engines on the internet, offers a wide range of instructional advantages to teachers, parents, and students of all ages and grade levels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for an engaging “Crash Course” on the United States Constitution or a film to help your pupils comprehend the carbon life cycle; YouTube’s instructional material may assist in implementing any curriculum. 

YouTube has more instructional videos than the LC. Because of COVID-19, our present educational system has transformed into a remote setting. As a result of this change, teachers find it challenging to deliver high-quality, exciting coursework, and many families are being forced to take on the extra responsibility of acting as their child’s teacher.


  1. To get access to free and high-quality lecture material

Making the switch to studying via remote means is already a lot of effort. When you already have access to hundreds of films, you don’t need to make things more complicated by producing all of your material.AsapSCIENCE, BBC Teach, TEDx Talks, and Khan Academy are excellent information sources.

  1. To facilitate the sharing of the work of students

Showcase the fantastic work of your kids. Create projects for your students to complete in which they will create instructional films on one of the subjects covered in your lesson plan. Students will be able to interact with one another while learning from the solutions their peers devise.

  1. To make your material helpful with transcription

Due to the high manufacturing cost, printed products such as texts, worksheets, or other printed materials are often outdated. YouTube videos, on the other hand, by their very nature, are current and relevant from a cultural standpoint. If it does not happen, then they will not be successful. Your pupils will have a much easier time understanding the content when it is presented to them in the setting of the world as it is now if you use movies in their education.

Because people take in information in a variety of formats, including a transcript from a reliable source such as Happy Scribe’s youtube transcription’s software provides viewers with an additional means of processing the information presented in your video. Additionally, having a transcript makes it much simpler to analyze the video for certain terms or themes.

  1. To reinforce the material

Learners who receive knowledge from several sources increase the likelihood that the information will “click” for them more quickly. Using YouTube videos in conjunction with various other modes of instruction, such as lectures, texts, or classroom discussions, will increase overall understanding and, consequently, grades.


  1. To encourage participation from all forms of students

Gen Z members are more visual learners than members of any previous generation. As a result of having grown up with access to many forms of technology, including personal computers, television, and video games, among other things, utilizing technology to study them naturally. In addition, YouTube videos are well-suited for auditory learners, and teachers may include kinesthetic learning by having students engage in physical activities while viewing videos.

  1. To display laboratories and experiments

In many STEM classrooms, teachers are having trouble providing their pupils with the same kind of hands-on experience that used to be accessible in person. YouTube allows teachers to fully demonstrate the whole experiment, from the beginning to the end, in a manner that is more interesting to students than looking at photos in a textbook.

  1. To reward pupils

The bottom line is that viewing a video is entertaining! 59% of students say that viewing videos on YouTube is their preferred method of education; this is greater than either participating in live group activities or reading from paper books.

YouTube is a fantastic resource that should be useful in every classroom for various reasons, including the opportunity it provides for students to express their creativity and the ability to understand complex subjects better. Embrace the potential that our increasingly digital and disconnected society presents in the form of instructional technologies such as YouTube.


There are many different ways that educational institutions may use the video material to facilitate online learning and make it more accessible to distant students. One of them is using video material to help students through admissions procedures. 

Students go through enrolling in classes and gaining admission without ever having to set foot inside the institution by seeing a series of short yet informative films. In addition to helping prospective students feel enthused about the institution they will soon join, providing extra information through YouTube videos about the classes they will be taking and the places on campus they will be attending helps them get the necessary knowledge. 

You may increase your visibility on YouTube and draw in more users by purchasing YouTube subscribers from reputable boosting service providers. It will allow your video to be seen by more people. If you work for a school or other educational organization, this might benefit you.



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