Pokemon GO and how it can inspire augmented reality in the classroom.

Pokemon GO is a new phenomenon in the gaming world.  Children and adults are roaming the streets looking for characters to ‘catch’.  The key to the game is it’s use of augmented reality (AR).

Pokémon Go in the classroom.

But what is AR?

AR is the layering of information on top of real world views.  So basically, you look through the video recorder on your device and the AR app recognizes things and places.  When it matches – text, images or videos pop up.

How can AR be used effectively in the classroom?

I have used AR successfully in lessons.  It is a powerful tool and children love learning through it.  Here are a few apps to try:

  • Aurasma is a fantastic app which I used in a maths lesson about 3D shapes.  The children had to get the shapes and add text as an overlay, detailing their properties (vertices, faces etc). Click here for my full Aurasma guide.

Augmented reality in the classroom

  • Layar is great too!  The app lets you scan texts and then add content on top.  So for a short story review, the text could be scanned and then a video of the children sharing their opinions could be placed on top.  When another pupil scans the text, the video review ‘magically’ appears.

Augmented reality in the classroom

Other notable apps are below.  They are great because they have ready made content.  So when your students explore a topic, extra interactive information automatically appears:

  • Anatomy 4D (an app which brings the human body to life).
  • AR Flashcards (scan the cards and content appears – perfect for revision).
  • Arloon Geometry (great for shape knowledge but also spatial awareness).

Have a go!  Let me know what you think by commenting below.



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