Moving schools? Transfer and save all of your old emails and content using ‘Grad Gopher’.

When you move schools your email account is often deactivated shortly after you leave. What happens to all those emails with useful information, contacts and resources that you  will need in your next role?  They more than likely get deleted.  This is when you need Grad Gopher.

Grad Gopher allows you to transfer all of your school Gmail account (including Google Docs content) to your personal account.  And it’s really easy to use!

  1.  Create an account on the Grad Gopher website.
  2. Sign in to both your personal and school email accounts.
  3. Choose the day you wish the transfer to happen.
  4. Pay $14.99.
  5. GO!

Watch this video for more details on how it works:

Have you used Grad Gopher?  How do you transfer emails and content?  Let me know by commenting below.

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