The perfect app for role-play and character development.

MSQRD is a brilliant app.  Download it onto your device, turn the front-facing camera on and choose a live filter.  The app places different (often quite funny) features on your face!  You can take a photo or even record a video.

How does it work?

Watch my video tutorial on how to use the app:

How can I use it in the classroom?

In a recent drama lesson, which was about character development, for the warm-up activity, I asked my students to download MSQRD and choose a live filter.  They then had to create a villain focusing on:

  • Name.
  • Appearance.
  • What they are well known for.
  • The most evil thing they have done.
  • Family.
  • Friends.
  • Their next conquest.

The lesson worked well and the students had fun and at the same time, were really engaged.

Apps for role-play and character development

Here are some examples that my pupils created:

Some children can become anxious when doing role-play; especially when being filmed. This app gives them a virtual mask to hide behind and  when I used it, I certainly noticed that confidence increased.

Have you used MSQRD in class?  Are there any other apps you use?   Let me know by commenting below.

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