Guest blog post: Youngzine Announces New Website Launch.

Youngzine is a fantastic website featuring ‘news and more’ for young people.  They are pleased to announce the launch of a newly redesigned website.

New features on the website include:

  • Responsive design that provides an engaging experience on tablets and smartphones.
  • Totally revamped interface that is inviting to young readers.
  • Engagement in each article through quiz, critical thinking and comments.
  • A single sign-­on through Google and easy creation of parent, teacher and student accounts.
  • A redesigned private classroom environment that allows teachers to easily create classrooms; add students; foster discussion and track progress.

What does Youngzine feature?

Besides current event articles written by a team of experienced writers, the website also features articles submitted by readers (U­Writes), as well as features by experts that showcase new career opportunities for youngsters.

Why not ask your students to submit an article?

Youngzine is designed with the audience (teens and tweens) in mind. To draw young readers in, Youngzine offers wholesome entertainment through quizzes, cartoons and kid­friendly jokes. The website also features a treasure trove of archived articles spanning over five years, that is free to access.

Youngzine is actively used by over 1000 classrooms from all over the world. Age appropriate language, non-sensational delivery of news and explaining the relevance and context behind the news makes the website a clear favourite among teachers. Often times, Youngzine is used to supplement concepts teachers are explaining in the classroom, by drawing reference and making connections with happening news. At other times, Youngzine is an enrichment resource for teachers who wish to offer high quality content to their students for exploration.

As part of the recent website upgrade, Youngzine has re­designed its ‘Classroom’ feature. Teachers can now seamlessly create a classroom and invite students to the classroom. He/She can then assign articles for students to read as well as give them specific assignments based on the assignments within the private classroom space that they can create on the site.

Have you used Youngzine in lessons?  Let me know how you got on by commenting below.


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