6 Awesome (and free) Video-editing apps.

Science week is coming up at my school and the students have to make a video of an investigation / experiment.

I wanted my class to have the edge, so I showed them these brilliant tech tools to help them along the way!

1) Magisto.

Magisto is such an amazing app; it intuitively knows what to do with your videos and photos.  The app suggests themes and special effects too.

2) Animoto.

This app makes video-editing a breeze.  Upload your photos or videos; choose a style and song; add text and stickers; then you’re done!

3) Splice.

This video-editor is made by GoPro.  Again, video-editing has got really easy.  Simply tap the screen to trim clips, create transitions and add special effects.

5) Quik.

Here’s a great video tutorial, telling you all you need to know about this effective tech tool:

6) YouTube Video Editor.

YouTube allows you to upload pics and videos and then enhance them with effects, music, text and much more.  It is easy to use and a great way to share your work.

7) Vimo.  This is such a fun app!  It lets you edit your video and then add special effects and fun stickers.

Have I missed any?  Let me know by commenting below.



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