Consider a classroom ‘flip’

Teachers are very good at multi-tasking — responding to different needs of different educational levels and demands of a range of children in their classroom. Even so, it’s hard to provide one-on-one attention all the time. That’s where technological supplements, including tablets, can help. One of the best ways to maximize the use of tablets is …

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Fidget Spinners CAN be a fantastic teaching resource!

With the craze of fidget spinners, sweeping through classrooms all over the world, I thought there must be a way to use them as a learning tool. Watch the short video below, to see how I am using them in my lessons: Click here to access the 'Spin Sheets'.  They are all free and editable. …

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7 Great Ways to Use Google for Education

In this computerized era, Google is the most commonly used tool in everyday life; from starting a day with Google News to saying good night to a friend using Hangouts. Along with social uses, Google has a significant role in education. According to college experts at, Google’s numerous products such as Scholar, Gmail, Drive, Books, …

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The role of technology in the PYP

This post will outline the aims of the PYP (the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate) and the role that technology plays in helping teachers and students to achieve those goals. The role of technology is not significantly different to non-IB schools, so the ideas of good practice outlined below will also apply to …

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Interview with Steve Wheeler

I was recently interviewed by one of my university lecturers, Steve Wheeler.  Whilst completing my degree, he was very inspirational, giving me invaluable advice about teaching and education. Steve runs an excellent blog and as part of his "celebrating 20 years as a teacher educator", he interviewed past students - including me. Click here for …

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Article For The International Teacher Magazine: Wai Khru – Respect The Teacher Day In Thailand

I recently wrote for the International Teacher Magazine.  The article was about the ethos of respect for teachers which is prominent in Thai culture.  In the piece, I explore this and compare my experience of teaching in Thailand with my experience of teaching in the UK. Click here for the full article.

What is growth mindset?

Growth mindset is an idea, put forward by Carol Dweck (a psychologist from Stanford University).  After a vast amount of research, she found that learners either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. First things first.  What is a mindset? A mindset is simply a way in which our brain thinks. What is a fixed mindset? …

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