Check out this great app / website, perfect for creating exciting presentations.

Haiku Deck is an excellent tech tool, which my students really liked when creating presentations.

It’s available on the Appstore or on the website itself. My class used their iPads and it was really effective.

Haiku Deck app for the classroom

How does it work?

Have a look at my video tutorial to find out how to use it:

Here is an example of one that a pupil in my class made for their topic work on coasts:

I really like the app because of its simplicity and ease of use.  My students did too.

Have you used Haiku Deck?  What did you think?  Let me know by commenting below.


  1. Thanks, Neil! Glad you and your students enjoyed the app! We recently published a teachers’ guide that might be helpful to you and your readers looking for inspiration from other teachers using Haiku Deck in class, for professional development, blogging, and more.

    We also offer a new Haiku Deck Classroom license that lets teachers using the app with their students (on web or iPad) create and manage student accounts, have a classroom ‘gallery,’ and more. Information on this at

    Best Regards,
    Adam Tratt
    Haiku Deck

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