Improve your students’ ability and confidence in maths with DoodleMaths.

DoodleMaths is a maths app, perfect for use in the classroom.  It is fully aligned to the UK national curriculum and aims to improve ability and confidence quickly. Learning and teaching maths has never been so simple.

My students absolutely loved playing the games and quizzes.

Maths app for education

What sort of content is there on the app?

Watch the video below to view a typical game / quiz:

How can I use it in the classroom?

Watch my video tutorial on how to set up DoodleMaths:

Another benefit was that it allowed the students to work collaboratively; they were keen to support each other.

Maths app for education

Can I assess my students?

DoodleMaths is also excellent for monitoring and assessing your class.  Go to the Doodle Maths website, log in and  choose ‘Live Monitoring’ to view what is going on in a  lesson:

Maths app for teachers

Choose ‘This Week Monitoring’ to gain a weekly overview of student achievement:

Maths app for teachers

Generate a weekly, more detailed report for individual students; great for showing coverage and setting personalized targets:

Maths app for teachers

Have you used DoodleMaths?  What did you think?  Leave a comment below.


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