What are hyperdocs and how can they be used in the classroom?

HyperDocs are the creation of Sarah Landis and Lisa Highfill – expert educators. Hyperdocs sound complicated but they really aren’t.

HyperDocs are basically online documents but rich in hyperlinks to other documents, images, websites, text and video.  They have been described as interactive worksheets.

How are they different to document with hyperlinks?

Look at this useful graphic:

Image courtesy of Karla Moura.

How can I use HyperDocs in the classroom?

Think of a lesson which requires a lot of thought and study – topic work is usually really great.  Start with a Google Doc and begin to add links to other document which have different content.  You will find a web of multimedia is being created.


Hyperdocs - tips for teachers and educators

Finally, here is a website with lots of examples and templates which you can adjust to suit your class.

Let me know how you get on with HyperDocs by commenting below.



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