3 Tech Tools To Create A Classroom ‘Cloud’.

The ‘cloud’ is the term meaning a collection of online data which is stored online.  Creating a classroom cloud is extremely useful because it allows for all the children’s work to be stored in one place and shared easily.

Here are 3 tech tools which make creating a cloud nice and straightforward:

  • Google Drive. This is the tool I use in my class to create a cloud.  I set up folders for each piece of work and ensure the pupils know where to save them.  Drive is probably the best option for you if you use Google Docs a lot; furthermore, it works seamlessly with Google Classroom.

  • OneDrive makes sharing and storing information simple.  This is probably best for you if you mainly use Microsoft Office – again it links seamlessly.

  • Showbie is a very useful tool. It lets you set up a classroom ‘cloud’ but what is even better is that annotations and voice notes can be added on top – a great way to support collaboration in your class.

What do you use for your classroom cloud?  Let me know by commenting below.




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