If You Are Using iPads In The Classroom – Apple TV’s Are A Must!

Apple TV’s allow you to stream your iPad screen to another device such as a projector. They are invaluable in the classroom and have so many  uses.

How do you set it up?

It is really easy to set up an Apple TV.  Watch the YouTube video below for details:

How can Apple TV be used in the classroom?

  • Display a pupil’s work to the whole class.
  • Share a student solving a problem on their iPad with the whole class; they can present the information easily by talking through their methods.
  • Show media (videos, photos) directly from your iPad.
  • Film things up close – the whole class can see it enlarged on the big screen (great for science demonstrations).
  • Take a photo of a pupil’s writing and share – students can suggest improvements.

Do you used an Apple Tv?  Let me know how and what your opinion of them is by commenting below.


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  1. Hi, just wondering if you have had experience with the latest Apple TV in the classroom and if so what benefit you have found.


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