Guest post: Why your school should start thinking about an ‘Online Orientation’ for new students .

New student orientation can be a hectic time for not only students but also staff. It marks a critical time in which students are provided with all the information they will need to succeed. It quickly became clear to us that some technology could be used to assist in the on-boarding process. We at Campus Sail have spent the last year building out an online new student orientation platform. The platform is meant to ease the burden on a school’s staff while also providing students with a great experience.

The platform provides your orientation content to students in an interactive and easy to digest manner. There were two main goals in the development of this product. The first goal was to provide a service that truly lifted the burden on a school’s staff. Many solutions on the market can put additional strain on orientation staff as well as ICT. Campus Sail’s orientation platform flips that paradigm around. Once specifics on content are worked out, we handle the rest. A fully customized online experience is built out for each school. All future updates and edits, semester to semester, are also handled entirely by Campus Sail.

The second major goal was a positive experience for today’s students. The online orientation product was built with a mobile-first strategy. With more and more students relying on smartphones for nearly everything, it is imperative to meet them where they are. The orientation platform works seamlessly across all devices. A student can begin orientation on their phone and pick up right where they left off on a computer. The flexibility of how content is presented allows you to reach every student in the manner that best suits them.

Lastly, the online orientation platform easily integrates with your existing systems. A student can log on to the orientation directly from a student portal without the need to enter any additional information. The platform also integrates directly with your back-end system, so completion of the orientation can lift holds or allow a student to register for classes.

Feel free to direct any questions you might have on the platform to You can also check out our website at


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