3 Tech Tools that every teacher should know about.

There’s a new tool or app out every day. Most of them making yet another promise to boost our productivity. The problem? They don’t always deliver on their promise, and keeping up with the ones that work is tough.

Tech tools for teachers

So I’ve made that job easier for you. Here are a few tools to help you increase collaboration amongst students, do more with your class presentations, and introduce a new way of quizzing.

SlideShare – Share your presentations and add more value to audiences beyond your students.

Sharing knowledge is the beauty of education. Slideshare allows you to show your expertise through presentations, infographics, documents, guides, and more. Not only can you share, but also discover tons of presentations in topics such as technology, business, education, health, and many, many more.

Typeform – Turn quizzes into a conversation.

Imagine sending your students a quiz, but it doesn’t feel like one. Sounds impossible, right? Wrong. It’s possible, and incredibly simple.

Typeform lets you create engaging tests, surveys, and quizzes by applying beautiful design and a friendly user experience. This also allows you to create simple tests that gather different types of answers from students by adding matrix questions, likert scale questionnaires and even logic jumps.

MindMeister – Design beautiful mind maps.

Did you know that visualizing your work can be one of the most important steps in keeping your productivity and creativity in balance? And that’s where MindMeister comes in. Use this tool to capture and share your ideas with your students or colleagues—making brainstorming sessions and support guides way more appealing.

Where do we go from here?

I know, introducing new tools to your routine can be a bit intimidating.

A quick tip is to start with the ones that you feel most familiar with.

And keep in mind that with these tools, you’ll be able to amplify your teaching arsenal, connect easily with your students (wherever they may be), and organise yourself like a pro.


Joanne Torres is an online and outreach marketer at Typeform. Typeform creates beautiful forms from party invitations to surveys. Compared to the industry average, Typeform has 4x higher completion rates due to their human-first design approach—keeping people’s attention from start to submit.

Joanne, Typeform

Twitter: @possiblyjoanne

LinkedIn: https://es.linkedin.com/in/joanne-torres-a1529852



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