You HAVE To Try Black-Out Poetry.  

I recently saw a great idea on Pinterest: black-out poetry.  When I tried it with my class recently, it worked really well; my students enjoyed the lesson and it was particularly effective at developing their word selection skills.

How do you do it?

1) Find an old fiction book.

2) Rip a page out for each child.

3) The pupils must use a pencil to select and circle words on the page to form a poem (this is harder than it seems, so a pencil allows for errors to be erased).

4) A simple picture must then be created.

5) Using a permanent marker, everything outside the picture should be coloured black, except the selected words. *Stress that they must work carefully because mistakes can’t be corrected (a few of my students went partially over words).

Here is a selection of my brilliant students’ work:


Where’s the tech?

Why not ask your pupils to screenshot a webpage or online story and use shapes to black-out the words using word processing software?

Have you got any good poetry ideas?  Share them by leaving a comment below.



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