Teaching Abroad: Unforgettable Cultural Experiences

I teach at an international school in Bangkok, Thailand.  Read the article I wrote for the TES about my day-to-day life here.

One of the highlights of the job is that I have been immersed in another culture; Thai culture.  Tomorrow, it will be the start of ‘Songkran’ – the Thai New Year.  The Songkran festival is known for its water fights and party atmosphere, however it actually started off as sprinkling water over friends and family to signify a fresh start (follow this link for more info).

Before schools broke up for the holidays,  children sang songs about the new year and also poured water over their teachers’ hands, concurrently wishing them good luck.  This happened in my school and it was a very special event.  Have a look at my photos to see what it looked like:



Being involved in events like this, make teaching abroad very special indeed.


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