Learn to program games using Python on a Raspberry Pi with Code Angel.

Launched yesterday on Kickstarter, Code Angel is a completely new way to learn to code. Code Angel comes on a Raspberry Pi computer and teaches the principals of computer programming in Python using a series of 12 game development projects.

Code Angel - Coding
Each Code Angel game project includes the full Python source code, graphics and audio required to build a complete video game. Projects are supported by concise and differentiated “Show Me How…” animated video tutorials that have been produced by experienced Computing Science teachers. They explain the key concepts of the program code and computational thinking behind each game. Projects also include extension ideas which suggest ways to further enhance each game.
Finding and fixing bugs is one of the biggest challenges for those learning to code. Code Angel solves this problem with a unique feature which lets the user upload their program to the Code Angel website. Code Angel then provides the user with a report highlighting any bugs and explaining how to fix them.

“Computer programming is a key 21st Century skill, but it should also be fun and give the learner a sense of achievement.” said Mark Cunningham, founder of Code Angel. “With over 20 years of experience of teaching computer programming in schools, we know what motivates learners and we know what causes barriers to their learning. We also believe in developing computational thinking skills. At Code Angel, we have drawn together all of our experience to develop a product which teaches coding straight out of the box”

There are two versions of Code Angel: Code Angel in a Box comes with all content pre-installed on a Raspberry Pi; Code Angel Digital lets users download and stream all content from the Code Angel website.

The Code Angel Kickstarter campaign runs from now until 12th May, 2017. Code Angel Digital is priced at £25 and Code Angel in a Box is priced at £99. 


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