10 EdTech Questions You Might Be Asked At Interview (Answer Tips Included!)

It’s coming up to recruitment season, so I thought I’d share some advice in preparation for a teacher job interview.

Here are 10 questions you may be asked along with some tips on how to answer them:

1) How do you use technology in the classroom?

Make sure you give an overview of the ways you use it daily and then outline some specific apps or tech tools you have used recently.  Explain how they had a positive impact on the students.

2) How would you deal with technology failure during a lesson?  Give an example.

Explain that you would stay calm and that you always have a back-up activity or resourced planned.  Think of a time that the internet has gone down and talk the interviewer through the process and stress how the lesson still worked out well.

3) Give your opinion on how much should tech be used in the classroom?

For this one, I would suggest answering in a balanced manner.  Also stress that technology should not be used just for the sake of it; purpose is needed.  This blog post might help.

4) How do you share tech ideas with your team?

Emphasise the importance of sharing and then give examples i.e. planning meetings, emails, social media.  You could even add that you often reflect on the effectiveness of the tech with your class and share the results.

5) Talk me through how you deal with e-safety.

Put forward how strongly you feel about e-safety  and how you strive to keep your pupils protected at all times.  Add strategies such as: using internet filters, spotting signs of cyber-bullying, monitoring devices closely, sticking to school policy, communicating with parents, communicating with other members of staff and delivering outstanding lessons on internet safety.

6) How do you keep parents informed about technology?

Explain that you have an open-door policy in which parents can come and meet you whenever they like.  Add that the school shares the ICT/tech/computer policy on the school website so it is easily available.  You might want to include that you have done some parent workshops or kept parents in the loop at an open-day or parents’ evening.

7) Explain how you have used an app which accelerated your students’ progress.

Choose an effective app and put forward how it engaged the students and helped them learn.  Focus on why it increased progress more than if you hadn’t used it.  I would suggest an app that aids assessment i.e. Kahoot – explain that this instant feedback gives the opportunity to differentiate learning on the go.

8) Can technology be used to personalize learning? How?

See this blog post for some effective methods.

9)  Do you think pens and paper are outdated?

Be diplomatic and focus on the importance on getting the balance right between technology and pen/paper.  Say that in real life we are still using both, but suggest that you are open-minded and are not sure what the future holds.  The SAMR model would be a good thing to bring up here.

10) How would you deal with a technophobic colleague?

Explain some of the strategies that can be found in this blog post.

BEST OF LUCK! Can you think of any more tech questions you might be asked?  Comment below and I’ll try and help.


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