‘Choose your own’ adventure stories using Google Slides.

Are you looking for an interesting way to encourage your class to write?  ‘Choose your own’ adventure stories worked brilliantly for me!

What is this type of story?

It is simply a story which has options for the reader to choose from.  They decide what happens to the character.

Google Slides adventure stories

How did Google Slides help?

Have a look at my video tutorial which will show you how to carry out the task:

What was the impact on the pupils?

My students were definitely motivated to write and the results were fantastic.  They tended to include less description, however it gave them a chance to really focus on the plot. It was also excellent when the stories were shared; everyone wanted to ‘play’ their friends’ stories.

Click here to see a brilliant example!

Have a go!  Let me know how you got on by commenting below.



  1. Hi Neil
    Thank you for sharing this creative use for Google slides!
    I followed your example and created some slides . However, when I am trying to create the link to the slide, Google is only giving me the option to link to PREVIOUS slide or NEXT slide. On your example video, you could choose the slide number. So, you could link both slide 3 and 4 to slide 2 which had the two different pathway options for the story.
    How do I get Google slides to give me slide numbers ?
    Any help appreciated.
    Kind Regards

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Choose Your Own Adventure stories are great for English class. Check out the books written by Atama ii. The books were designed for English language learners and are a lot of fun to use in class.


  3. Kia ora Neil. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. It’s so clear and easy to follow, so I will try this with my students some time. Your work is appreciated.

    have a cool and groovy day!


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