Stop Motion in Science Learning: A New Method to Learn STEM Topics Through Play.

Cut N' Learn App For Science Lessons

The Cut N’ Learn team’s idea is to provide ready-to-go stop motion kits to children, with which they can create spectacular scientific animations in a very short time. The project is live on Kickstarter now.

 Children are fascinated about movie making and animation creation which brings the idea to integrate stop motion animation into Science education. Intellisense provides ready-to-go animation kits to children, with which they can create very nice animations in a very short time, within 30 minutes. The young developer team’s project Cut N’ Learn is live on Kickstarter now. The creators of Cut N’ Learn say that with the help of their Stop Motion Science kits, children can learn about different science topics while they animate and have fun without even realising that they are learning. The kits contain all the necessary elements, scientific explanations and an innovative stop motion app with a built in image stabilisation system allowing kids to snap pictures by hand, instead of using a holder, eliminating one of the pain points of stop motion. The kits focus on small repeating natural science phenomena, such as the heartbeat, swinging or planetary motion.

“While testing the concept of Cut N’ Learn, I myself got surprised how easily and quickly children understood complicated things, like the coordinate system, just by going through the animation.” – Emese Viola Bodo, Co-Inventor

Children gain several skills during animation and they get familiar with the phenomenon in question. This gives a perfect base for their further science studies. For example, a simple animation with a girl swinging on the playground is made with the help of a rotating disk. Children can deeply understand the connection of swinging motion and rotational movement. This way they learn about harmonic motion, projection and energy without having to know the schoolbook physics behind it.

The kits also introduce the basics of stop motion technique and the use of stop motion software and prepares children for more serious animation creation in the future. Stop motion animation is the oldest way to create movies. All cartoons are made with this technique. But it usually takes a lot of time and hard-work to put together. Cut N’ Learn provides pre-created characters and backgrounds which saves a great amount of preparation time. The step-by-step guide helps children set up the animation and it guides them along the creation process. The result is a short loopable video presenting certain scientific topics in a spectacular way.

The project has just been launched on Kickstarter with seven kits, looking for supporters. Individual kits start at a $20 price and there are early bird offers for classrooms and schools, who may want to get a pack of the kits. Expected delivery time is in August, which means that the kits arrive before the start of the next school year.

It is available at


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