Robotics Is Incredibly Engaging With Lego Mindstorms!

Lego Robotics

A team, who are experts at robotics, recently visited my school to show how straightforward, creative and fun robotics can be.

The team used Lego Mindstorms and it really engagerd the students.

Teaching robotics in the classroom

The class had to carry out basic programming and control a moving robot.

They also had to think of an algorithm which would make a robotic catapult toss a ball at a target.

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Finally, the students looked at a spinning device and experimented how different programs affected the motion.

Teaching robotics in the classroom

Don’t worry if you feel a little unconfident with robotics  – there are heaps of tutorials on YouTube.  Here is a playlist to start you off:

I would definitely recommend getting a few sets for your school.  Robotics really brings coding and programming to ‘life’!

Have you used Lego Mindstorms?  What do you think?  Leave a comment below.


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