Guest Post: A Revolution In Language Practice

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Language learning has become faster, easier and more fun, with the introduction of guidance algorithms in apps that make for conversation exchange with native speakers.

In Singapore, October, 10, 2016 – Bilingua was designed to be a companion for users to enhance and enrich their language skills through conversation exchange. Bilingua connects people with native speakers to help them learn a foreign language online and speak with confidence.

Bilingua Language App

An all-in-one language exchange app that connects people who learn each others’ languages and have similar interests. The key innovations are an advanced set of matching algorithms to ensure users are matched with the right people, and the bot Shiro who guides the users’ experience while providing tips, advice, updates and makes the language practice more productive. The app incorporates 3 main values:

  • Networking: advanced user matching based on their shared interests and personality tests;
  • Guidance: Shiro the bot suggests conversation topics and recommended phrases to have more meaningful, productive conversations;
  • Gamification approach: mini games and quizzes with other users.


“The key is really in creating an environment that will compel you to learn.”

Guillaume Catella, Founder of Bilingua.

The app is totally free and its web version is now available in all countries. The Android & iOS versions continuously promising to significantly increase learning effectiveness and motivation through several new and exciting features.

Please visit to get more information about the app and its features, as well as their blog to get through the idea of the language exchange.

Author bio: Bilingua is a product of Creatella, a tech entrepreneurial company that produces innovative mobile apps to improve the lives of many. Since its inception in July 2015, Creatella has grown from a local start up to a global community consisting of talented individuals from 10 different countries and counting!


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