An amazing 3D scanning app

QLONE - A 3D Scanning app

I recently discovered Qlone (pronounce clone).  It is an amazing tech tool for the classroom.

Have a look at this video tutorial on how to set it up:

How could you use it in the classroom?

  • Saving pupils’ artwork such as sculptures.
  • 3D manipulation: scan in objects, and challenge children to change colours and edit the appearance (exporting the scan to a program like Blender would work best).
  • In a maths lesson, 3D shapes could be scanned, and children could label the properties.
  • Scan and then change colours of well-known brands i.e. a Coca-Cola can… then discuss the effect.

  • Combine with a 3D printer to make replicas of items.
  • Use the AR View function, so you can beam your models back into the real world!

Have a go!  Let me know how you get on 🙂


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  1. Now that’s an interesting tool, especially for the children. It will make learning easier and interesting for them. It will not only help them run their imaginations wilder but will also help them understand various 3-dimensional objects better which is otherwise not easily possible on a 2-dimensional surface such as a blackboard.


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