5 Reasons You Should Read the Free Cyberlearning Community Report

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As a computer science teacher who likes staying current with the best ways to integrate useful technology in my classroom, I found the recently published Cyberlearning Community Report: The State of Cyberlearning and the Future of Learning With Technology full of great ideas!

What you should know for now is that cyberlearning is all about the designed use of new technology to create effective new learning experiences. If you’re visiting this website, you are probably also very interested in how to integrate the most current technologies into your day-to-day practice. So, here are 5 reasons you should take a look at this report:

  1. It was written by a group of computer scientists and learning scientists from around the U.S. who are funded to help invent and develop the future of learning with technology.
  2. It gives examples of how you can put learning in context for students. For example, enable learners to interact with data, tools, and others (other students or professionals like scientists) in new ways.
  3. It shares examples of how to maximize the use of technology while making clear the important role that teachers play in the learning process.
  4. It will help you understand how facial expressions, gestures, and discourse can help our students learn.
  5. It is about engaging students by giving them choice!

The report is available as a free download here and gives examples of projects that researchers are working on in these six emerging cyberlearning designs:

Community Mapping: Moving, discovering, and learning across contexts Mapping Expressive Construction: Enabling learners to represent ideas Classrooms as Digital Performance Spaces: Learning while doing in context Virtual Peers and Coaches: Social and cognitive support for learning Remote Scientific Labs: Access to scientific tools for authentic practice at a distance Enhancing Collaboration and Learning through Touch Screen Interfaces

Author bio: Sarah Hampton is a math teacher, and writes for Circleducators.  Read more of her posts here and here. Let her know what you think of the projects in the comments!



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