The best way to learn – video textbooks!

Clutch - the video version of textbooks

At Clutch Prep we call ourselves “the video version of textbooks”. Make no mistake however, we truly offer so much more. Founders Marcio, Artem, Johnny, and Alain were students at Florida International University (FIU) who saw a need in the community for something more than your average tutoring services. Online tutoring was a relatively new concept and they believed they could create something better than what was already available online at the time. And boom, the idea for Clutch Prep was created.

Clutch - the video version of textbooks

Clutch Prep was founded in 2010 on the idea that students would rather re-learn a concept from scratch rather than patching holes in their knowledge on the subject.  Our site is filled with in-depth course help and resources for college students in classes such as chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics, calculus and more. Clutch can be used for a variety of things all based on the students wants and needs. We also provide students resources like review material for different college-level topics. While definitely geared towards college students, Clutch is also extremely beneficial for high school AP class students.

Clutch Prep is different because it’s incredibly specific to the student’s course. To get started, students are able to register under their specific professors’ course at over 3,200 universities. Once registered, you’re asked to upload your syllabus so our tutors can guide you along the way with your professor’s timeline to help you ace your exams. This allows students to use Clutch throughout the semester as a supplement to their in-classroom teachings of the textbook. Clutch videos are specific to each textbook’s chapters full of detailed explanations of its content. Each course has a video playlist where the chapters are broken down into topics with their own video explanations and practice problems for easy learning. Instead of tutors focusing on a broad topic, they go in depth by reviewing each chapter from your specific classes textbook. Following the videos, Clutch offers a variety of practice problems with their own in-depth videos of solutions. Each course also has the option for chapter reviews and practice exams. Our tutors have compiled years of student-submitted material to provide exam reviews that cater to each student for their respective course. Another amazing benefit while using clutch is access to an assigned tutor for any questions students may have.

Clutch - the video version of textbooks

There are over 14,500 practice problems on our site and we have over 300,000 students using Clutch. A majority of the sites content arise free but in order to unlock other material and features students can choose from a variety of subscription plans. Students can register for one class or for multiple courses. Students also have the option to choose from different plans depending on how long they plan to use Clutch for. This includes options like a monthly, quarterly or annual plan. Pricing begins at just $30 for a month’s use of a single course or up to a value price of $14 per month for annual access.

Clutch - the video version of textbooks

Clutch - the video version of textbooks

At Clutch, we are most happy knowing that we’re helping students succeed in their classes. it’s that driving force that makes us all work harder for a better product. We’re always working on and planning to expand our curriculum to reach a wider audience of students.



  1. What a fantastic EdTech tool! EdTech in the classroom and beyond makes learning more convenient, engaging and effective. It’s easy to get absorbed in one’s studying when they have an EdTech tool on hand!


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