2 Great Websites For Teaching Weather

A great website for teaching the topic: weather

Are you teaching your class about weather?  These websites are amazing, and will really help the children gain an understanding about it.

1) https://earth.nullschool.net/

Show the children this great site, which live-maps wind patterns, temperatures and even ocean currents all around the globe.  We looked at it when there was a typhoon near Japan – fascinating stuff!

A great website for teaching the topic: weather

2)  http://bluesquarething.co.uk/geography/weather.htm

This website allows children to make their own weather map.  They can choose from a variety of maps, and then drag and drop the weather symbols onto it.  My class created weather maps, and used them as a ‘Green Screen’ background for their video weather reports.

Website for making weather reports

Let me know what you think about them – leave a comment 🙂



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