Guest post: How to learn computer science at a summer school

How to learn computer science at a summer school

Computer science is one of the fastest emerging subjects in the world right now and the best thing about it is that there is a lot of scope for the subject in the entire world. The richest companies in the world are IT companies or companies related to software. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook. You name it. If you don’t have enough time to learn computer science during your normal school days, you can still apply for computer science during summer school. Here we have discussed how you can learn computer science at a summer school.

Learn Computer Science at various institutes

Harvard and Oxford are one of the most prestigious institutes in the entire world. Studying at either of these universities is a dream for many students all around the globe, but not many people can actually apply for this university. If you are lucky enough to get admission in any university, you can apply for the summer school programs for computer science.

Here are some of the courses in the computer science field that most universities provide:

Designing – The designing portion of computer science focuses on introduction to 2D animation as well as video editing and digital design of various digital artworks. Additionally, you can also do an introduction to game development because of this designing portion of Computer Science at Harvard.

Machine Learning and Data Sciences – Machine Learning and data sciences might become an important part of computer science in the future, and might help you find the aspiration for the future. Machine learning also includes Artificial Intelligence. Data sciences might include Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Internet of Things – The Internet of Things has been one of the most popular portions of computer science implementation in the real world. IoT has become an integral part of almost every job in the world, and since most companies are now using machines that have IoT installed in them, the future for IoT is bright.

Tips for learning Computer Science

Computer science is a very confusing subject, and it can get quite awful if you are trying to learn computer science without having to rely on tips.

Here are two very important tips that you will definitely want to follow:

Cramming is bad ­– Cramming is bad, at least for computer science, because the world of computer science is only good when you are actually implementing what you learned. There are a billion different problems that computer scientists have to solve, and you can’t cram all of them. Moreover, you should not ignore the summer slide if you wish to make a career in this field.

Procrastination is bad – Thinking about making that program that you were thinking about is procrastination unless you sit down and try to code for it. Yes, people who write computer programs are very lazy people but that doesn’t mean that they procrastinate a lot. Instead of procrastinating, be efficient and force yourself to always be ready to learn.


Whether you are trying to get into a computer science degree, or not, everyone should have at least basic knowledge about computers. Dedicating at least a single year’s summer school into computer science may turn out to be very useful in your future.




  1. Great post and thanks for posting this amazing piece of information with us all. As we all know computer science is important and the fastest growing career choice day by day. The tips that you’ve provided here on how to learn it efficiently are great and will help a lot of students in many ways who are thinking of learning Computer Science. Nice work and keep posting such high-quality content from time to time.


  2. Couldn’t agree more! Little and often is the best way to learn.
    It’s been great to see an upwards trend in students studying CS at A Level in the UK, and this is in no small part due to Universities like Oxford & Cambridge naming CS as a preferred subject alongside further maths (not surprising as the D modules from further maths have now moved to CS).


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