KOOV: The STEAM solution that’s turning heads

KOOV: The STEAM solution that’s turning heads

Sony KOOV for ages 8 and up provides a fun way for students to learn core STEAM concepts. Using standard-correlated educational content, KOOV gets your students building and coding original robotic creations. Shape your future problem-solvers, one block at a time with KOOV. Sony provides two types of kit options to learn with KOOV.

The KOOV Educator Kit is a tool for educators who are seeking a comprehensive  all-in-one solution for  coding, robotics and design that combines digital coding with physical building to help cultivate students’ collaboration and problem-solving skills.  This kit supports up to four learners and contains over 300 building blocks plus accessories, sensors, motors, LEDs and includes the KOOV App, which features more than 50 hours of student-led, easy-to-follow educational content via its Learning Courses, and over 50 pre-designed, pre-coded “Robot Recipes” ranging from simple structures to complex animals and vehicles.  These recipes allow students to start building right away and quickly develop the skills needed to create their own original robots.

The KOOV Trial Kit is Sony’s newest offering in the KOOV lineup and was created to introduce core coding, robotics and design skills to springboard STEAM knowledge.  This kit supports up to two learners and comes with 86 colorful blocks, accessories, sensors, motors and LEDS and allows the users to develop a foundational understanding of coding, design and robotics. Students using this kit,  get an efficient learning program covering key concepts, starting with how components work and progressing through programming logic, designing structure, and developing thinking processes. The Trial Kit contains up to 12 pre-coded and pre-designed “Robot Recipes” and 6 Quick Lessons. Each of the Quick Lessons can typically be completed in a class period and are simple, yet intuitive builds.

As we head into the future , 21st century learning is critically important in preparing students for the workforce.   Whether you are looking to provide a comprehensive STEAM solution or more of an introductory experience, Sony’s KOOV is an easy, effective and fun way to deploy STEAM learning in the classroom, library, makerspace,  afterschool program or even at home.

For more information on KOOV  please go à HERE    


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