Guest Post: How to Improve Spelling?

How to Improve Spelling

Believe it or not, but spelling is still important! Moreover, spelling skills are frequently used to evaluate you as a person. A few years ago, scientists from Fortunate 500 did research that proved that 85 % of resumes or cover letters were thrown away because of spelling errors. This means that even inconspicuous spelling mistakes can influence your future career! The logic is simple – if you don’t care about your application letter, don’t check if it is spelled correctly, then you are an unresponsive person and you can’t care enough about your job. To put it simply, even a tiny error can ruin an important business deal.

But what if you are a responsible and intelligent person, but English is not your native language? How can you improve your English spelling? What should you do? Let’s review some tips that will undoubtedly help you spell correctly.

Use Spell Checkers

We live in the 21st century, the era of the rapid development of modern technologies. A spell check program is one of such things that you can use to enhance your spelling. It’s a kind of software that pursues one goal – to check for misspellings in your texts or letters. You only need to insert your text in the software and it will immediately find incorrect spellings. Such tools usually highlight misspelled words in a different color.

A spell checker is a superb tool for those who study English and want to make sure their letters or texts are free from mistakes.

Shortlist All Commonly Misspelled Words

When you see that you misspell the same word over and over again, it would be better for you to write it down. Simply put, you should create a list of such words. When you have spare time, you need to look this list up and repeat it. In fact, it is easier to learn to spell when you have your own list of misspelled words. Gradually, you’ll learn them all!

Write and Write!

We have many effective pieces of advice that will help improve spelling, but you will hardly find a more effective way than writing these words down. When you see that you misspell this or that word, you should write it down in a row several times. Yes, it takes time and effort, but this method is the most effective one. In doing so, you are working on building up your motor memory of writing. Gradually, you’ll learn the spelling of these words!

Chunk the Words

Some words are really hard to spell only because they are too long. In such a scenario, the most effective method that you can apply is chunking them. The word “chunking” means separating these words into chunks or smaller parts. For example, if you don’t understand how to remember the spelling of the word “significant” you can chunk it:

  • sig
  • ni
  • fi
  • cant.

It is easier to remember the spelling of four parts. Later, you’ll be spelling this word correctly. So, if you have troubles with spelling some words, chunk them!

Sound the Words Out

It’s a very simple spelling trick that is commonly applied when teaching small kids. However, it can also be very effective for grownups! If you don’t understand how to spell this or that word, you need to spell it loud, very slowly. After that, you need to write down this word.

Unfortunately, this method can’t be applied to each word because not all words are spelled as they are written in English. But there are many simple words where you can use this method. Some learners confessed that this method was the most effective one for them!

Play Word Games

It’s the most fun and one of the most effective methods that allow you to get rid of spelling problems. You can buy them on Amazon or other online shops and play together with your friends or family members. These games will undoubtedly help you improve your spelling skills!

We’ve just reviewed the most effective ways that allow you to enhance your spelling. Some of them are funny whereas others take time and effort. But if you do want to learn English spelling, you should use all of them! Find at least 30 minutes per day to train your spelling and the result won’t be long in coming!


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