How To Personalize Your YouTube Channel

Did you know that personalizing your YouTube channel can increase views, subscribers, and traffic to your website? You probably don’t because most YouTubers don’t. 

Most successful YouTubers are focused on technical and production aspects of their channel rather than the branding elements. But by investing some time in personalizing your channel, you can create a branded experience for your viewers while also increasing their willingness to subscribe so they get notified whenever you upload new videos. 

To see how much you understand about personalizing your channel, take this short quiz. Afterwards, read on for more details about why and how you should personalize your channel as a creator. 

1. Make your channel unique with a custom channel logo

Your logo is the first thing people see when they visit your YouTube channel, so it’s important to make sure it’s unique to your brand. While you can upload a free stock photo from a site like Pexels, you can also create your own logo for free with tools like banner design online

While you can create your logo with any image-editing software, Adobe Spark Post lets you create custom logos for free and includes branding assets to help you personalize your YouTube channel and other online marketing efforts. 

Before creating your logo, make sure you’ve done your research—check out other successful channels in your niche and see what their logos look like. Make sure your logo reflects your brand and that it isn’t too similar to logos of other channels so you don’t end up offending anyone. 

2. Add a background video with branding color

If you have the budget to create custom graphics for your channel, adding a background video with branding color is a great way to personalize your channel. But keep in mind that brands like Disney, WWE, and Nickelodeon have been using this strategy for years to make their channels look more appealing to kids and families. 

If you want to add a branding video to your channel, you’ll want to make sure it’s appropriate for all ages. For example, let’s say you run a gaming channel and you want to add branding to your channel. You could add a branding video featuring your logo, your name, and links to your social media accounts. If your logo is a shield, you could add a medieval theme to your branding video and make it look like you’re defending your channel from intruders. 

3. Add annotations to promote your content and brand

Annotations are clickable images that you can add anywhere on your channel, including your playlists, individual video thumbnails, or the video player itself. You can use annotations to add a clickable image or link to your website, promote your latest blog post, or even add a call to action like “subscribe now” or “like this video.” 

You can also add annotations to your About or Description section to make it easier for viewers to understand what your channel is all about. Annotations are a great way to personalize your channel and promote your brand even if you don’t have the budget for a fancy logo or a custom branding video. Plus, annotations are free and easy to set up and can be used on any device. 

4. Don’t forget the subtitles!

Your About or Description section is where the majority of your viewers will go to learn more about you and your channel. While it’s important to keep your About or Description section concise and to the point, you should also include links to your social media accounts, website, and other online properties. 

If your channel is in a foreign language, you can also add subtitles so people can easily understand what your channel is about and what you’re saying. Subtitles are easy to add to your YouTube channel and are a great way to personalize your channel and make it feel more welcoming.  



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