10 Excellent News Websites For Children.

News is really important for children to read. I often like to do guided reading sessions in which my students undertake a news based activity i.e. summarising an article.

Below are 10 excellent news websites.  They are designed and written FOR children.  I’m always impressed when the websites have a quiz or activity at the end of the article. In addition, some of the sites let you reduce or increase the complexity of the article; great if you have a wide range of readers in your class.

Click the title to explore the website.

1) BBC Newsround


2) Here There Everywhere


3) Kiddle (children’s news search engine)


4) Time For Kids


5) YouTube Channel: Teen Kids News


6) News For Your Classroom by Scholastic


7) Youngzine


8) Tween Tribune


9) Dogo News


10) OK this one’s an App. Newsela. And you’ll have to read my next blog post for the tutorial of how to use it 😉

Have a look at my video review of these websites on Youtube:

Let me know which one is your class favourite.


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