EdTech Tutorial: How to develop characters using the App ‘Tellagami’.

Tellagami is an excellent App which allows you to create a person and then give them a voice. It’s available for free on the App store and is very easy to use.


How do I create my own Tellagami?

First customize what your character looks like. Change their eye colour, clothing and much more (there are extras you can pay for if you want).


Then choose an emotion that you wish your character to show when speaking.


After change the background.  You can either use a pre-loaded one or download one from the internet. In addition, it is possible to take a picture and put your Tellagami in the same room as you  (my students liked doing this).


When you are happy with your Tellagami, it is time to record your voice. Click back and then go to the ‘message’ section. Press the green circle to record (the free version gives you 30 seconds). You can also add written text.


Finally preview your speech.  You will notice that the Tellagami’s mouth moves at the same time as your speech and even gesticulates! Below is an example one of my students made:

Finally, save your creation and then save it.


It’s a simple but great tool. I really like the fact that the voice must match the emotion; some of my students found this a challenging speaking and listening exercise.

For more information, look at my edtech tutorial on Youtube:

Do let me know how you get on? Upload your student’s Tellagami!



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