EdTech Tutorial: How to use the App ‘Prezi’ to create an amazing presentation.

Prezi is an excellent tool to use in the classroom. It is presentation software but allows you to place your media and text in a non-linear fashion. This allows for more interactivity and it looks impressive too. It is available at Prezi.com or on the App store. 

Have a look at one of my student’s Prezi creations on our topic: Thai History.

How do you make a Prezi?

First select new Prezi and choose the template you want. You can also customize the template if you want:


Next add the main title:


You can see the slides on the left hand side and you can zoom straight to the one you want by clicking on it.  Once you have done that, choose the slide type you want (image only, text and image, text only and also other options):


It is really simple to add media. Just click on the picture symbol or the video symbol and choose what you want. Choose an image from your device, a live photo, a YouTube video or a picture straight from Flickr:


YouTube videos are superb because you can preview them and then Prezi embeds them directly in the presentation.


When you have finished editing, click present and see your great presentation!

Have a look at my video tutorial:

How do you use it in a lesson?

I make Prezi’s for when I’m teaching some lessons. Alternatively I ask my students to create their own Prezi’s on topics we are studying.

Do you have any Prezi’s for lessons? Share them! 


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