A Free, Downloadable, Visual E-Timetable

Timetables are very important to have in the classroom.  Children need to know what they will be studying over the day.  In particular, it is known that pupils with special educational needs, benefit from the structure and support of a timetable.  A visual timetable is great because students of all ages can understand it and it’s clear to see.

I have made an electronic timetable which can be projected to the whole class or shared with them using a class management tool such as Google Classroom.

Click here, then download it for free.  Simply drag and drop the symbols of the lessons into the right order.

visual electronic timetable

N.B. You must be on a computer or laptop to download the timetable (click’file’ then ‘download’ or ‘make a copy’). You need the Google Slides App if you are on a mobile device.

Any feedback is great – leave a comment below! 



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