Great Tech Tools For Pop Art Lessons

Pop Art Studio is a great website in which you can apply Pop Art effects to an image.  Our topics this term are World War 2 and Pop Art, so my class created an Andy Warhol style effect on an image associated with the war:

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How do I create Pop Art?

First go to  and choose which filter you require:

Pop Art Tools For Teachers

Next, upload a picture file (I asked my students to download a suitable picture from Google Images):

Pop Art Tools For Teachers

Finally you can change things such as the size, colours using the tool bar on the side.

Pop Art Tools For Teachers

It is as simple as that!

Other great tools are to create Pop Art:

Pop Art Camera (Available on the App Store)

Pop Art (Available on Google Play) (website)

Popstamatic (Available on the App Store)

Pop Art Lite (Available on the App Store)

Another, more  complicated way, is to edit an image using a computer program such as Photoshop and using the ‘colour replace’ tool.

Other Pop Art ideas:

  1. Use this Dotted Paper  (courtesy of Art Projects For Kids) and make Pop Art WW2 Propaganda posters.  Here are a few my class made:

2. Combine Roy Lichtenstein pieces with WW2 quotes.  Click here for an example.

3. Copy some Pop Art, focusing on line work:

Pop Art Tools For Teachers

4. Photograph and then print black and white photos of your students.  After, use coloured pencils to shade different parts of their faces:
Pop Art Tools For Teachers

Let me know how you get on with these tools by commenting below!



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