Matific Is A Great Primary Maths Learning Tool.

Matific logo - maths app

Matific is simply excellent.  It’s available at or alternatively as an app (on both Google Play and the App Store).  It allows teachers to set individual students, groups or the whole class challenges and activities.  My students are big fans and are always pleased when they see that Matific has been incorporated into a lesson.

How do you use Matific?

Watch my video tutorial which shows how simple it is to set up and use:


How can it be utilized in my everyday classroom practise?

Easily add your class by inputting their names manually, or copying your register into a template.  After print the login cards and hand them out to your pupils.  They can then use the website or download the App (make sure they download the ‘schools’ App).

Matific Maths Teaching

The main features of Matific are the activities and games which can be set up for class tasks or homework.  You can easily send them to your students (mine work on iPads so this aspect is really useful).  Simply drag and drop the activity you want into the ‘class activities’ or ‘my homework’ sidebar:

Matific Maths Teaching

Have a look at one of my students playing an engaging game:

Searching for content is also easy.  I was teaching negative numbers today and found the perfect activity:

Matific Maths Teaching

Matific can also be used for whole class mental starters (you can click ‘presentation mode’ to make it go full screen):

Matific Maths Teaching

Interactive worksheets are also available and Matific does all the marking for you!

Matific Maths Teaching

The results are made into useful reports which are absolutely fantastic for assessment:

Matific Maths Teaching

You can choose from a variety of options including whole class analysis or individual pupil progress:

Matific Maths Teaching

Other great features are the resources section in which you can find teacher guides, lesson plans and much more:

Matific Maths Teaching

My students completed an evaluation form after a few days and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Here are a few comments:

“The challenges were very fun and interesting.”

“It’s an exciting app – colorful and I like the sound effects.”

“Matific is very good and makes it easy to remember all the stuff.”

“I think it made me smarter.”

“The challenges are quite hard for me but I enjoyed solving them. “

“This game made me remember how to do maths in a very fun way. It was exciting and I could learn by playing games.”

“The games help people who are not good at math to improve.”

“I liked how the creator thought about what children would like.” 

Matific Maths Teaching

Matific is available to try for free for 30 days.  Have a go!  Let me know what you think by commenting below.

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