Challenge your pupils to design an App!

Recently I asked my students to design a new app. I kept the explanation brief and just told them that it would need to be useful or entertaining.

They began by researching ideas in teams.  After, they discussed their ideas and came up with a final concept.  Finally, I printed a template and the students created a user interface.

Here’s the template I used: Iphone Template .

I was really pleased with the outcomes of the task – there was lots of creativity and technological thinking. Have a look:

invent an app lesson
This app uses a GPS tracker which a child wears as a wristband.  If they get lost, the parent can use the app to locate them.

invent an app lesson
A useful app which finds new music by scanning the current music in your phone.

invent an app lesson
Online bullies and trolls can be instantly reported to a teacher or parent with this app.

invent an app lesson
Excuse creator app!

invent an app lesson
This app allows you to scan your shopping and find the total amount.  It also gives you handy discount vouchers.

invent an app lesson
For people who like adventure and exploring, this app tells you the weather forecast, survival tips and has an emergency button which instantly alerts the authorities with your current GPS coordinates.

invent an app lesson
A WIFI finding app.

invent an app lesson
Put GPS stickers on things you are likely to lose i.e. your keys.  When you can’t find something, this app will show you where it is.  Alternatively the sticker also has a mini-speaker which the app can activate, causing it to beep.


Challenge your students and let me know their ideas by commenting below.



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