Schoolsask: an excellent way for teachers to share knowledge and ideas.

Schoolsask is a user-friendly website and app that helps educators and other professionals share, connect, interact, and support each other.

It offers educators the much needed opportunity to easily interact with other members of the educational community. From new teachers to experienced professionals, Schoolsask will provide educators with the optimum environment to access support, ask questions, obtain and exchange valuable insights, and more.

Schoolsask website for teachers

The program is available to all educators, from beginning teachers, to experts and influencers with many years under their belts; everybody can create a free account and easily connect with other members and access interesting and helpful tools such as:

  • Document and video sharing.
  • Question & Answer sessions with subject matter experts.
  • survey tools.

I like it a lot because the platform is the perfect place to post questions, ask for advice, and share resources with professionals from other schools and other districts. Any chance that educators can have to collaborate and learn from each other is surely a positive.

Please visit for more information.  Leave a comment below, letting me know what you think.


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