How To Gamify Your Classroom.

Gamification is the process of making learning into a game.  It is made up of a number elements:

  • Giving online badges to students.
  • Setting goals and competitions.
  • Giving instant feedback.
  • Creating levels of learning which pupils must try and climb.

Why is gamification effective?

The simple answer is that the majority of children are competitive and they love playing games.  So why not use these two positives in their learning?

Gamify your classroom

What software can help me with gamification?

Class Dojo is great for promoting competition in class.  Through giving badges, teachers can easily create a positive online reward system.

Another excellent app for gamification is Kahoot.  Quizzes, which incorporate videos, images and diagrams; can be created by the teacher and the students can compete against each other.  Pupils can also create games for their peers.  And it doesn’t have to be played in class – pupils can play against any other users in the world.

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View my full tutorial by clicking here.

Other great gamification software:

  1. Quizizz
  2. Classcraft
  3. KnowRe
  4. Brainscape

Have you gamified your classroom?  How?  What impact did it have on the students’ learning?  Let me know by commenting below.



  1. I remember Larry Ferlazzo sharing a short cautionary post about gamification – I’ve dug it out
    That’s not to say I’m against it – my classroom is full of it. My primary level students love Dojo. Plickers and Kahoot are good for formative assessment. A lot of the tech I use in the classroom can have a gamified feel (like QR codes) even if it’s not actually a game!
    My problem is the reliance students have on gamification. By default my learners are very much product over process, and I find too much gamification of non-game task fuels this attitude.
    Something I find interesting is how one of the most leading international schools in my city refuses to give external rewards and allow things like points systems in class, perhaps as it can be seen as demotivating or at odds with certain aims re: whole child development.
    I gamify tasks often and would say I’m an advocate overall – does bring its own challenges though…

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