What is a digital classroom?

A digital classroom is one which mostly or indeed wholly relies on electronic devices and software.

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Is it always a good thing?

I feel that the balance needs to be right.  We are not yet at the stage where we can ditch the pen and paper however we need to be mindful that we are teaching children whose digital futures are uncertain – we simply don’t know where technology will go.

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” – John Dewey.

How digital is my classroom?

In my class we definitely have a balance of technology and ‘non-technology’!  We have a 1:1 iPad scheme in which every child is expected to bring an iPad daily.

In most lessons, the iPads are used – whether it be for basic research, video recording or using an app.

We use Google Classroom as our core online communication tool. It is like Facebook, but your only friends are your class.  I set not only online assignments and challenges but also ones they must do offline, usually using pen and paper.

I would say, in terms of written work, we do approximately 60% in exercise books and 40% online.  This is surely to increase in the near future.

How digital is your classroom?  Let me know by commenting below.



  1. I have been using Google Classroom all year and have managed to cut my photocopying by about 90%. All worksheets are uploaded and accessible offline, this includes assessment tasks (exams are still old fashioned). I have combined it with Google Docs so that students can share their work with me and I can edit and give feedback easily. This has also avoided the old ‘I lost it/ I’m sure I put it in my bag’ excuses.
    There are instructional videos on YouTube and its soooo easy to use.

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  2. My class is about 90% digital as well. Sometimes I purposely force myself to use paper just to vary things for my students. Google Classroom is my main management system. Love the connection between Drive and Classroom!

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  3. As a teacher, How do you know whether your students affective domain objectives are achieved or not if the classroom is completely in digital?

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  4. 60% exercise books/40% online resources – looks great. You’ve saved many trees.

    At my school we’re using Canvas LMS. Actually, it’s a suite of different digital tools (Course creation, Discussions, Groups, Quizzes and so on).

    Besides, it could be integrated via LTI with external tools. For example, this autumn we have added to our Assignment module a plagiarism checker (Unplag, to be precise). Canvas has infinite possibilities of customization and helps you create that learning environment that your
    students need for their progress and development.

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