5 Pieces Of Assistive Technology Which Can Help Pupils With Special Educational Needs.

Technology certainly has pros and cons.  However, assistive technology (technology designed to support people with special educational needs and disabilities – SEND) has had many positive impacts which have been life-changing for some.

Below I have listed 5 pieces of assistive technology which can help children with SEND:

  • YouTube – if you have a child with a hearing impairment, most YouTube videos now have captions and subtitles. Just click on the button below when viewing a clip.

3) Communicate in Print by Widgit is a great tool which turns words into symbols.  Perfect for support reading and writing.

Tech for SEN

4) Nova Chat turns text to speech.  What a great help for learners with sight impairments.

Tech for SEN students

5) Mangomon.  This software assesses a pupil and then makes them a personalized learning plan.

What technology do you use to support children with SEND?  Let me know by commenting below.


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