An effective video creation platform for teachers and students

Binumi is a great tool for everyone to create videos on any device, anywhere and at anytime. Users get everything they need to create amazing videos: royalty-free footage, editing tools and publishing ability.

What do the outcomes look like?

Some of the things that students create are pretty wonderful and leave students feeling proud and accomplished. An example of this is clear when you watch this short documentary on tigers (done by 8 year olds):

and this piece on the life cycle of a frog created by a 10 year old.

What do teachers think?

 Whenever I speak to teachers that have had experience with Binumi’s video projects, their response is always a positive one. Students love it, which means the effort that goes into their work increases and engagement picks up.  Here is some feedback:

How does it work?

 Just search for content, edit, render, and repeat!

After creating an account online, video creation is at your fingertips. There are 3 types of accounts (general, teacher and student) that all get access to:

  • A multimedia library of 3.5+ million student safe and royalty-free video.
  • Simple drag and drop editing tools
  • Cloud-based storage for users’ own uploads
  • Space to publish and share

What’s the difference between accounts?

 Teachers get access to Binumi’s video project Assignment Tool.  Designed just for teachers, it makes assigning video projects simple and easy. All projects are linked to curriculums including English National, IB and Australian.  That means seamless integration! Don’t worry if you’re the type of teacher who likes to think outside the box, you can create your own resources too.

Have a go! Get your students creating some fantastic videos by signing up today.

Visit for more info.



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