Get students learning by MAKING quizzes instead of TAKING quizzes.

QuizPedia is a fun and engaging learning tool that can be used in primary education and onwards. And it’s free!

Make educational quizzes online

How is it different to a typical quiz making tool?

Quizzes aren’t new to the classroom but QuizPedia’s approach is. We flip the tables and transfer the task of making quizzes from teachers to students.

Tests and quizzes are traditionally made and administered by teachers or schools to test student performance and development. However when the teacher asks the class to make quizzes for each other, they transfer some of the power over what goes on in the classroom to the pupils. Instead of learning from taking a quiz, they learn from making a quiz.

This makes them co-creators of knowledge; it strengthens their ICT skills and scaffolds their learning.

Why quizzes?

In order to create their own multi-modal quizzes students must be able to research, evaluate and validate information and they must distil their knowledge down to a few key questions. This forces them to reflect about the subject from different angles:

  • What do I know about this?
  • What is most important?
  • How do I best present my knowledge to my peers?

Quizzes also forces students to think about alternative and plausible wrong answers. This in itself demands a solid knowledge about the subject matter.

Make educational quizzes online

Studies show that the quality of the students’ work improves when they know that others (besides the teacher) will see and use what they produce. And that this tendency is specially manifested when digital resources are used.

We, at QuizPedia, are proud to have made a quiz tool that support the students in their digital endeavors whilst keeping an educational focus. The tool is so intuitive that students as young as 8 can start using it without instructions. And it can be used in courses about anything from math to music. Students can share QuizPedia quizzes with each other or use them to restudy for an exam and last but not least they can easily make them on either a smartphone, a computer or a tablet.

How does it develop ICT skills?

In order to make a quiz you not only have to have solid grasp on your subject matter, you also have to know how to navigate the internet, how to crop a photo, how to edit an mp3 file and so on.

QuizPedia makes all of this easy and fun. The design is simple and students can choose whether they want to add photos and/or sound or if you want text only. This gives them a sense of ownership – not only are they creating the content – they also design the look of the quiz. And most importantly they strengthen their IT proficiency and become active participants in their own learning.

Here’s an example of what can be done with a QuizPedia quiz:

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Read more about QuizPedia here:




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