Overcoming Problems With Online Learning Tools.

Problems arise in the classroom.  How can we overcome them?  Technology is often the simple solution. So, let’s talk about some tricks to facilitate a learning process.

Problem: how do you connect learners?

Studying process doesn’t go well all the time, so getting an support from an expert or peer is a real advantage; they will have thoughts and solutions about the learning material. Sometimes a game or quiz approach also helps to comprehend new things faster.

Here are some great tech tools which allow for more collaboration:

  • Edmodo. This is a social platform for joint communication of students, teachers, and parents.

  • Kahoot! This resource uses quizzes and interesting forms to draw attention of the learners and encourages them to grasp an issue.

  • Clever. A common studying area -perfect for supporting each other during topics and tasks.

  • Skype. This free video connector actively develops and improves distance learning.

Problem: how do you learn a new language quickly?

Using only dictionaries or hearing boring and monotonous lectures don’t have an appropriate effect. Modern programs and apps offer the chance to speak with natives, read live blogs and use adaptive, personalized approaches.These solutions can be achieved through:

  • Duolingo. It gives the opportunity to learn nine languages, and it is helpful for both, newcomers and experts

  • SpanishDict. This tool helps to millions of speakers in the USA, whose first language is Spanish.

  • Pleco. It was invented and developed by the student; it is a human assist in studying Chinese.

Problem:  How do you write an engaging article or essay?

Sometimes it’s hard to resolve a few tasks; especially if the subject is unknown or specialized. To solve this problem in time, you can contact professionals and get not only a fine article but also a grammatically correct text. A fixed fee may scare at first, but the result will surpass all expectations:

  • Pro-essay-writer. This service provides articles and academic works that are 100% plagiarism-free.

Problem: Where can you find answers to tricky questions?

If you have professional and precise points of issue, it can be problematic to hit the right answers. Luckily, there are a few online tools that will become your allies long-term. Some of them are highly specialized, some use interactive or video forms, and some use all possibilities to help users on various issues:

  • PatrickJMT. Math Tutorials that can help you with mathematics.

Written by, Malorie Grebetr A freelance, educational writer.


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  1. Austin,

    Checkout DuoLingo and SpanishDict.
    Might be useful to you in a bilingual setting. 🙂

    Sooooooo proud of you!

    Nancy Terry
    Field Experience Coordinator
    Teach North Texas
    Office: 940-565-2267
    Cell: 940-231-3817
    Fax: 940-565-3546


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